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Malia Beach Hotel Green Policy

We care for our environment

The management and staff of the Malia Beach Hotel, being aware of the importance of environmental protection in order to develop a sustainable tourism market, have established an environmental policy to declare the principle they support in this matter. The Malia Beach Hotel commits itself to follow this policy in order to help protecting the environment.

The management of Malia Beach Hotel is committed to

• Comply with any legal or other requirements that fall under its activities
• Assess the environmental impact of its activities in order to reduce or eliminate their negative effects
• Be actively involved in every possible way to protect the environment and to prevent its pollution
• Aim for continuous improvement through the establishment of goals.

In order to implement – succeed in the issues mentioned above, Malia Beach Hotel

• Trains and educates its staff concerning issues of environmental protection
• Applies various technological innovations in order to save energy and water
• Cleans and takes care of its beach
• Cooperates with the surrounding stakeholders to preserve the natural beauty of the area
• Informs stakeholders of the area about environmental actions carried out by the hotel in order to raise awareness and to achieve their participation
• Informs its hotel guests about environmental actions carried out by the hotel, in order to encourage their active participation.

Malia Beach Hotel Green Key award winner 2011

The Green Key is an international eco-label for leisure and tourism establismhents. Organisations awarded the Green Key meet technical - management criteria and criteria on communication.

The Malia Beach Hotel is the proud winner of the Green Key award for 2011.

The Green Key is part of the Foundation for Environmental Education (F.E.E.): a non-governmental organization working towards sustainable development through its environmental education programmes Blue Flag, Eco-school, Young Reporters for the Environment, Learning about Forests and the Green Key.

For more information about Green Key and the F.E.E. visit Green Key.org.